Should I Sell My Grandpa’s Used Car For Cash In San Diego?

I inherited a 3 bedroom house with a single car garage, located in L.A., from my Grandfather recently. In the garage is a paint faded, wheels missing 1951 Ford Country Squire with rust marks, and a cracked windshield on the driver’s side. The apartment I live in is posh, comfortable and close to work. However, the rent for this place is far from comfortable. The decision to move from this apartment to the house did not take much brain work. Besides, the lease is nearly up and my 2014 Toyota RAV4 will have a cozy garage instead of a mere covered parking space. But, what to do with this old car in the garage? A friend at work says, “That’s a classic. You should try to restore it.” The company has me on a 12 hour shift, when do I have the time to work on a car? My Mom suggested that I put it in the classified ads and try to sell it. Yeah, but how long will that take before someone buys it? Finally, my brother tells me that there are places that pay cash for cars in San Diego and I could find them in the local directories.

The company that hired me as an IT tech will soon be a half an hour commute from my new home. That’s not too bad. What is bad is that they will not give me the days off I need to pack and move. All my packing and moving will have to be conducted after work. The first task would be getting the old Ford out of the garage. I did a search on the internet, “Cash for cars in San Diego”, and got about 5 results that were close to the house. I called each one to get information. It turns out that, they will tow the car away for free. Also, they will pay cash on the spot. I call my Dad to let him know what I was going to do with Grandpa’s old Ford. My Dad says to me, “Your grandfather really wanted you to have his car hoping you would restore it. Since, you are the mechanic in the family.” I told my Dad that working on cars was just a hobby I had in high school. I’m older now with a career ahead of me. Now, feeling guilty and remembering how grandpa would try tinkering on that old rust bucket, made me feel sorry.

Fortunately, a few mornings out of the week, my brother was able to help me with packing and moving. We loaded his truck and made the the trip from the apartment to the house. On the way down I told him what Dad said to me on the phone. My brother reminded me how Dad would lay guilt trips on us. Also, Grandfather’s will did not mention anything about restoring a vehicle. So basically, I could do what I wanted with the car in the garage. I still have time before my lease is done, but I wanted to get the opinions from the readership of this blog. Perhaps you all may have some suggestions or ideas that have not been shared yet. Please leave your comments below. All your opinions would be much appreciated.